Four-patch units are really quick and easy to make from strips. This method is ideal for those times when you need to make a lot of units.

cut strips


Start by cutting a strip from each of the fabrics you need - I'm using a green and a white here. The strip should be 1/2 inch wider than the finished square (not the unit, the individual squares). My unit will finish at 4 inches, so my squares will be 2 inches; I'm cutting my strips 2 1/2 inches.



join strips


Join the strips together along the long edges. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance, right sides together.



press to one side


Press the seams to one side - usually the darker fabric.



cut slices


Cut slices from the joined strips. They should be the same width as the original strips. In this case 2 1/2 inches.



two slices cut


Keep cutting slices - you need two for each 4-patch unit.



invert one


Take two slices and invert one, so it looks more like the four-patch you are trying to make.



butt seams


Place the slices right sides together and make sure the seams butt up to each other. Put a pin at this point if you wish.





Stitch this seam. For really speedy piecing just keep feeding the pairs of slices through the sewing machine one after another (chain piecing). You can snip the threads between them afterwards.




undo part of seam


Now comes the nifty bit. Undo the tiny bit of the first seam within the allowance of the seam just stitched on one side of the pair of slices. The pencil is pointing at the relevent seam.



undo seam other side


Turn the slice over and undo the small part of the seam on the other side. Don't be tempted to cut the threads, just tease them loose.



move seams to opp side


You should now be able to push the seam just sewn to opposite sides so that the centre, where four seams meet, will lie flat.





Press these seams. Remember - don't iron (quilters don't do ironing!) always press; there's less chance of stretching and distorting the pieces.



wrong side complete


You should end up with a beautiful looking mini-four-patch on the wrong side of your unit.



right side complete


And a fabulous looking Four-Patch unit on the right side!