Quick piecing is essentially sewing strips or shapes together and then cutting them apart to get the units required. Once upon a time we used to use templates and scissors to cut all the shapes needed for a block or a quilt and then join them together again. Then the rotary cutter came along and we used that to cut all our shapes out. And now - we find we can cut strips or squares, stitch,and then cut to make multiple units for our blocks in one easy session.

One thing we do recommend is starching your fabric before you start to cut. You can use spray starch which is readily available from most supermarkets; just give a quick spritz on the wrong side of the fabric and then iron. Starching the fabric gives it a little extra 'body' - especially if you have pre-washed it and thus washed out the sizing. It makes the fabric stiffer and less prone to stretching.

We tend not to pre-wash fabrics, but do check some colours (especially deep purples, reds and blacks) for colour fastness before using them.